Animonda GranCarno Original Adult 6 x 400g – Beef & Chicken



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Living with humans for the past 15,000 years has altered dogs both in appearance and behaviour from their ancestor, the wolf. Their dietary needs and particularly their meat requirements however, remain unchanged. Animonda GranCarno Original exclusively contains carefully selected high quality meat from heart, lung, liver and muscle. The carefully prepared, fresh ingredients provide optimal absorption of nutrients. This preserves the natural fibrous structure of the meat, which is a sign of unadulterated freshness. It also maintains the meaty flavour for improved acceptance. Neither carbohydrates like grains or potatoes, nor soy, flavour enhancers or artificial colourants or preservatives are used in the recipes. A special combination of different antioxidants protect the immune system and boost the body’s natural defenses. Animonda GranCarno Original Adult dog food at a glance: Complete feed for adult dogs Also suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities and allergies High meat content: made up of heart, lung, liver and muscle meat Optimal absorbency of nutrients and proteins: thanks to the carefully prepared fresh ingredients The meat still has its natural fibrous structure: a sign for freshness and naturalness A combination of different antioxidants: for a stronger immune system No carbohydrates: no grains, gluten or potatoes High acceptance: dogs love it due to the natural meaty flavour Completely FREE from: soy, flavour enhancers and artificial colourants and preservatives


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